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What is Shifted?

Shifted is a productivity focused Mac application. It allows you to specify a custom Action that will be triggered when you hit the Caps Lock key. You'll then be able to use your Shift keys to toggle Caps Lock (either a double press, or both Shifts together). Shifted runs in the background letting you focus on the important things.

Shifted FAQ's

One day I realized how large the Caps Lock key is on the keyboard, even while its functionality is used sparingly. Surely there could be a better use for such prime keyboard real estate, while being able to keep the Caps Lock functionality in tact? Enter Shifted!

Part of the beauty of Shifted is its simplicity. Simply open the app, give it the proper permissions, and let it sit quietly in your Task Bar. You can also access Shifted by hitting the icon in your Task Bar and adjust any settings you may need.

  • Be sure you've checked the 'Start At Login' option in the Shifted drop down menu to ensure that it's always available for you.
  • Test different Actions and see what makes the most sense for your daily workflow.
  • Use your Shift keys to toggle Caps Lock functionality.
  • Watch your productivity increase!

Actions are different operations that are triggered by the Caps Lock key. You can select an Action you'd like to use frequently instead of Caps Lock from the Shifted drop down menu. Your selected Action will now activate whenever you hit the Caps Lock key.

See here for a list of all current available Actions.

Get in touch with me to let me know what Action you'd love to see as part of Shifted! I'll do my best to accommodate you!

I'm glad you asked! This is an experimental feature and I'd love to hear what you think about it! The Smart Copy & Paste Action alternates between the Copy and the Paste commands. This is useful for quick transfer of information between 2 applications, for example, copying a secret key from a web console to a text editor. When this Action is selected, it also monitors your clipboard (locally, never sending any information to a server), so if text is copied by the system, the next command triggered by the Smart Copy & Paste Action will be Paste.

AppleScript is a scripting language that can be used to control and automate Mac applications and your system. The Run AppleScript Action will allow you to select an AppleScript file (.scpt extension) that will be run whenever you hit the Caps Lock key.

You can provide the Custom Search Action a URL and include a '%s' which will be replaced by the copied text. For example, try Google's I'm Feeling Lucky:, or Wikipedia's search:

Not all Actions and Shifted functionality is free to use. To unlock all Actions and functionality, you should upgrade to Pro Mode!

Pro Mode costs $9, once. No subscriptions, no annoyances. Pay $9, get Shifted Pro Mode.

You can most certainly do that! There is a built-in 14 day trial of Pro Mode in your Shifted installation. Feel free to play around with it before committing.

Pro Mode helps make sure that Shifted can be upgraded over time, supported with new versions, and is delivering fresh, hot off the press Actions.

If you are a cancer survivor or an ongoing fighter, please get in touch with me and I'm sure we can make something work. Also, get in touch with me if you want to purchase a license for multiple users/teams at once. Thanks!

Feel free to get in touch with me!